Flex Pass

FLEX PASS is back for 2018!

The Waterfront Flex Pass allows you the freedom to go to shows when you want, the way you want! You’ll receive 6 or 10 lawn tickets (depending on which package you choose) to use in any combination you want this summer at Darlings Waterfront Pavilion! Customize your summer by selecting which shows you want to attend and the number of tickets you’d like to use per show. The possibilities are endless!

Available Shows: We will announce is a show is blacked out from flex pass use.

Two Packages to choose from.

6 Ticket Package - $125.00 - Presale starts 11/20 at 10am - Public on sale starts 11/27 at 10am

10 Ticket Package - $199.00 - Presale starts 11/20 at 10am - Public on sale starts 11/27 at 10am


NOTE: The Flex Pass can only be purchased using a smart phone. 


Q: Which shows are included with Waterfront Flex Pass?

A: You can use your Flex Pass at any show at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion except BLACKED OUT shows. We will announce if a show is blacked out.

Q: Can I purchase the Waterfront Flex Pass as a gift?
A: The WFC Flex Pass makes an excellent gift! If you'd like to purchase a package for someone else, you will need to enter their email address as a part of checkout. We will email them with instructions before the first show so that they can login & redeem their passes in the Spring. Be careful about typos! Your gift recipient won't receive an email until the Spring because we don’t want to spoil the surprise if it's a gift. That’s why we are waiting until closer to when the shows actually begin!

Q: How many tickets will I get through Waterfront Flex Pass?

A: Waterfront Flex Pass guarantees you six or ten lawn tickets (depending on which package you choose) for shows at Darlings Waterfront Pavilion. NOTE: Each show has a limited number of passes that can be redeemed.

Q: Where do I go to manage my tickets and choose the show/shows I would like to attend?

A: To select your shows and manage your tickets, go to WFCFlexpass.com and login using the same email you used to purchase. Here you can choose which shows you would like to attend.** NOTE: The redemption period will open on May 1st.

**Passes are first come first served. There are a limited number of passes available to be redeemed for each show. We recommend redeeming your passes as soon as you know which shows you would like to attend. 

Q: How many tickets can I use per show?

A: You can use up to 4 tickets per show!  You have 6 or 10 total tickets through Waterfront Flex Pass, but you can use them in any combination.

Example 1: Use all 4 tickets for Show X and 2 tickets for show Y

Example 2: Use 1 ticket for show X, 2 for show Y, and 3 for show Z

Example 3: Use 1 ticket for 6 different shows

Q: What if I redeem tickets to a show but I decide I can no longer go?

A: All redemptions are final. You cannot reverse a redemption once it has been completed.

Q: Are Waterfront Flex Pass tickets refundable?
A: We're sorry, all Waterfront Flex Pass purchases are non-refundable.


Q: Which phones are supported?
A: The Waterfront Flex pass is supported by iPhones and Android phones.

Q: Can I use an iPod touch?
A: No, we only support iPhones and Android phones, not iPods.

Q: Why do I need to use an iPhone or Android phone?
A: Waterfront Flex Pass is a mobile-only program. There are no printed tickets. Admission to Darlings Waterfront Pavilion will be managed through the WFCflexpass.com.

Q: Can I purchase the pass if I don't have an iPhone or Android phone?
A: Not at this time. You will be unable to enter Darlings Waterfront Pavilion.


Q: How do I get into Darlings Waterfront Pavilion with my Waterfront Flex Pass?
A: Your tickets can be found by going to WFCflexpass.com on your iPhone or Android phone. Login with the email address you used to purchase the Flex Pass and your mobile phone number.  This will provide you with a digital barcode that you can use to scan for admission into Darlings Waterfront Pavilion.

Q: When will I be able to access my barcode for a specific show? A: Your barcodes will be available immediately after redeeming your tickets at WFCflexpass.com.  Please note that the barcodes will be blurred out until the day of the show.

Q: How does my guest scan in?
A: All barcodes will be on one device.  If you have a group of two, for example, both barcodes can be scanned from one device. You and your guest will need to arrive at Darlings Waterfront Pavilion together.

Q: Can I share my pass with someone else?
A: Passes cannot be shared. Admission to Darlings Waterfront Pavilion and seat assignments will be managed through WFCflexpass.com on your mobile device.

Q: Am I guaranteed a ticket for all shows with the Waterfront Flex Pass?
A: If you redeemed a pass for a show, yes, your ticket will guarantee your entry. However, there are limited quantities available to be redeemed for each show and select shows may be blacked out from redemption.

Q: What do I do if I need ADA seating?
A: We're happy to accommodate you! Please go to the Box Office at Darlings Waterfront Pavilion, and inform them that you need ADA seats for your Waterfront Flex Pass. You will still need the Waterfront Flex Pass barcodes to enter the venue.


Visit www.expapp.com/contact at anytime for help!