Safety and Weather Emergency Evacuation Plan

  1. Introduction: Weather Related Concerns

    Waterfront Concerts events are held rain or shine. Every attempt will be made to get the event in on the scheduled date. There is unlikely a "rain date." The events cannot occur, as scheduled, if the following conditions prevail:
    High Winds

    All staff and subcontractors will be advised of safety protocols prior to the event through the distribution of this documentation. The safety of the spectators and event participants is a vital concern to the event managers and producers. This document will address the procedure to be utilized in the event that a weather emergency arises during the day.
  2. Severe Weather/Lightning/Evacuation Plan

    Forecast Consistently Monitored - Event officials (primarily the production team) will monitor the weather forecasts, satellite radar readings and the NOAA weather radio for Maine and specifically the County the event is in, in advance of the event in order to be advised of the possibility of storm activity. In addition, the weather forecast will be monitored throughout the day via a wireless computer on the event site and NOAA weather radio.

    Suspension of Event Schedule
    Should lightning occur that is within a 20-30 minute range of the event site, all programming will be suspended until the lightning/storm activity has passed.

    Evacuation of Festival Site
    If severe inclement weather is observed on the satellite radar systems and such severe weather is approaching within 20 to 30 minutes of the event site or if the severe weather pattern is clearly discernible, then the event site will be evacuated. The decision to evacuate will be made by the Production Manager in consultation with local Police and Fire Departments.

    Police Department/Traffic Flow
    Once the decision to evacuate the Festival Site has been made, the Police Department (if not already cognizant of the decision) must be immediately notified so that police officers will be able to facilitate traffic moving from the area.

    Notice to Participants/Spectators
    The decision to evacuate the event site will be communicated as follows:
    Loudspeaker announcements over house public address system.
    Event personnel/volunteers will canvas the event area to advise the evacuation order and direct to evacuation sites.
    This Safety and Weather Emergency Evacuation Plan will be posted on the event website.
    This Safety and Evacuation Plan will be provided, in advance of the event (if single event) or at the beginning of the season (if event is a series), to each team staff member and subcontractor.
    This Safety and Evacuation Plan will be posted at the Box Office.

    Evacuation Sites (Must be event specific)
    Personal vehicles parked within the immediate area
    Sea Dog Brewing Company
    Bangor Fire Department, Central Station
    Bangor Police Department
    Hollywood Slots

    Restarting Event
    The decision to resume the event will be made by the Production Manager in consultation with local Police and Fire Departments. In most cases current radar data will need to be available showing that the dangerous weather has passed and there is no potential for further cells to pass through the area.

    The decision to resume event activities will be communicated as follows:
    Event specific radio stations will make announcements.
    Waterfront Concerts will use web, texting, email and social media platforms to communicate "all clear".
  3. Modification of Event Schedule Due to Lightning or Storm Activity
    Every effort will be made to adhere to the established event schedule. Should a delay occur due to lightning or storm activity; and the delay is so lengthy as to render adherence to the original event schedule impossible, then the production manager, in consultation with the venue coordinator and local police and fire, will modify the schedule.


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